Women Education A Glimpse

In ancient era woman was the most respectable of all in India. Woman like Sita, Savitri, Gargi, Vidotma etc were some of the names who participated in the creation of Glorified India. India ruled culturally and had been an asset to the world heritage.During slavery period the country was demolarised by the foreign intruders who tried to spoil the cultural fundaments of India yet in those hard days also woman like Jija Bai ,Bhuvnashwari Devi were there to nurture the generation with good Sanskar and Indian Sanskriti. Shivaji Maharaj and Swami Vivekanand are some of the examples born in that era and maintained to retain our Indian Culture.
In 21st century also, if India has to be the world leader again socially, economically and morally with culture , women will have to be given the prime importance so that the basic fundamental cultural attitudes of new and young generation can be retained till the presence of human beings on the earth.
One female generally nurture three families.
1- The family she belongs to
2- The family she marries to
3- The family she create

Shiksha Bharti :-
Shiksha Bharti is a life we live. Shiksha Bharti is determined to provide female education in such a way that the female should be developed intelligently, culturally and courageously.
For this we to understand the difference between EDUCATED and LEARNED.
A- Entire education system provides the young one to be educated as the last option of the life to get good marks and get a good job. Lets think is it more important than LEARNING. Well Shiksha Bharti does not believe this. Shiksha Bharti says that LEARNING IS AN ONGOING PROCESS AND APTITUDE WHICH RUNS WHOLE THROUGH THE LIFE. Shiksha Bharti believes that the young one should learn so that they can fight any war of the life. They should learn to identify their virtue. They should learn to overcome their vices. Shiksha Bharti believe that Learning brings Genetic, Somatic, Cultural grooming of the young one which is utmost important for EUGENICS, when all human will be LEARNED no matter what kind of work you do.
B- Shiksha Bharti is a concept which creates a conceptual image of a human intelligence for human beings from the day when a life has taken first breath in the WOMB OF A MOTHER. Shiksha Bharti has developed an orientation program which starts when a life starts in womb till nine months. As we said and consider that “Mother is the first Teacher” and for progress Teacher should be equipped with all arms and ammunitions. The program explains
1- How mother speak
2- What mother should learn.
3- What mother should visualize.
4- What mother should exercise etc.
We should never forget that Abhimanyu learnt to break the nexus of kaurva’s when he was in mother’s womb. This is not a story as nuclear science has confirmed the presence of Mahabharat (just 5000 years before).

Shiksha Bharti has organized a program which explains that “HOME IS AN INSTITUTION” As a child learns a maximum in his initial five years due to the maximum development of the Brain. So who is the teacher , Yes its Mother. Therefore our program is for child bearing mother and for those who really want to. So mother should be a learner and there should be a program which must explain ;-
1- What unique, Mother should teach to New Born.
2- What a child should listen.
3- What a child should eat etc….
Such kind of questions above should be answered meticulously.
We never believe to implant a routine education in the young one but we believe to provide a young one a phenomenal learning such as
1- Aphorism , shloak, Dohae ,
2- Climbing trees, walking through artificial caves which help to rescue in hard times.
3- Swimming
4- Courageous decisions .

Child grows in shishu vatika with bold and beautiful cultured and nurtured lap. She is further transformed Balika Vidya Mandir which is not just a name but is a temple. Why we call it a temple because we consider “ SHIKSHARTH AAO SEWARTH JAAO” In Balika Viyda Mandir we learn moral ,spiritual technical and physical education. In the initial years of the child the brain develops as fastest speed so this depends on us either we want our child like Swami Viveka Nand or just an ordinary person. Once a girl child completes Vth std education she is being introduced new developmental organized plans which teaches LEARNING FOR EARNING which is the most important part of life. Shiksha Bharti does not believe to create young one to have degree holder with unemployment but we want they should learn to earn.

We further have a Rock Ambition with High Dream and work is going on for i.e. Shiksha Bharti is running an education program for the girls students of North East(Seven Sisters) such as Assam, Manipur,Mizoram,Meghalya,Tripura, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are full of Natural Calamities where a regular education seems to be very tough for those who can not afford so at Shiksha Bharti we have arrangements for girls hostel and at Balika Vidya Mandir we provide education to such girls students Free of Cost. Shiksha Bharti has its own Gaushala and a garden of medicinal plants. This garden of medicinal plants is absolutely according to the principles of Ayurveda which explains :-
1- Swachh Mann
2- Swachh Tann
3- Swachh Dhann
Which again explains our determination to provide the female Learnings.

Upcoming Projects of Shiksha Bharti :-
1- A Yoga center
2- A Science Center
3- An Auditorium with the statue of our great leaders.

The most ambitious burning desire of Shiksha Bharti is to start RURAL EDUCATION AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER where we can teach our daughters,sisters,mothers professionally. Shiksha Bharti has a target to speard such a sacred scientific learning to the rural area of near by through Shiksha Bharati Campus at Modinagar Road, Hapur. Girls from 50 villages are studying yet in Balika Vidya Mandir, Shiksha Bharti has decided to consider 50 villages as IDEAL VILLAGES where none of the girl left UNEDUCATED.
Shiksha Bharti has crated Alumini organization which always try to know about the great success stories of the girl child who studied at any one projects of Shiksha Bharati. It is astonishing to listen that our ex-students has gained the name remarkably.
Last but not the least Shiksha Bharti is restlessly making effort to implement its highest ambitions i.e.